What is Membership?

Membership involves making a Covenant within the congregation. We “join a covenant” rather than affirm a creed. This longstanding practice of our spiritual tradition honors the diversity of belief which marks us a welcoming community of faith. We believe God works in each of our lives, and that each one of us has a unique way of expressing our faith. We would rather explore our Christian faith together than require doctrinal compliance prior to membership.

Membership Covenant

Our Membership Covenant is as follows:

We choose this congregation to grow in God, following the teachings of Jesus Christ. Inspired by the Gospel, we open our lives to God's purposes for this faith community. We will grow together through worship and ministry, honoring our differences. Since the demands of love are great, we covenant to support the church and each other with our prayers, our gifts, and our selves.

These words express commitment to God’s presence in our church and our loyalty to the teachings of Jesus. Within our membership, people hold different interpretations of Christian doctrine. We are richer because of our diverse tapestry of approaches than would be possible if only one pattern of belief were allowed or required.

Membership Classes

Membership classes are held in three-week sessions three or four times each year. Attending these classes is a wonderful way to learn more about what we believe and why; how we make decisions and express our mission; the ways in which we are connected with other Christian churches and other faith traditions. Please contact Pastor Adam for information.