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More than ever, Hillsboro UCC strives to embody the abundance of compassion, justice, and love modeled through the example of Jesus. This sacred mission invites us to root deep in a mindset of reciprocity where our resources are shared toward mutual flourishing. When we all participate, we become a mission-engaged community, anchored, and ready to expand to reach the needs of others.


Online Giving for Church Members

Church members and others who support the congregation with annual pledges can set up one-time or recurring payments to various church and conference funds through this link. Create a user profile to schedule, track, and view your online donations.

Online Giving for Guests and Friends

Guests and friends can make donations to our general fund through this link.

Thank you for your financial support!

Church and Conference Funds

Donations to First Congregational UCC can be designated into different congregational funds, described below, or into our conference funds.

General Fund - This is the main fund supporting church operation, including buildings and grounds, church administration, Christian education, and personnel. Donations to this fund are used in accordance with the annual budget.

Outreach and Mission - Donations can be made specifically to the Board of Outreach and Mission. These donations are used for projects sponsored by the Board, including various local ministries for the hungry and homeless. You can also designate your donation to the Two Cents a Meal fund, which provides bag lunches for people who come to the church in need of food. Learn more about our outreach and mission programs.

Other Ways to Give

There was a time when the local church was pretty much "the" institution to donate to if you wanted to support social services in your local community - and giving cash or a check in the offering plate on Sunday morning was pretty much "the" way to donate. Over the years, however, the landscape of charitable giving has changed. Today, people frequently support many different charitable institutions, sometimes through small one-time gifts, and sometimes in larger planned gifts. Giving has gotten easier, and more complicated. In the spirit of good stewardship, our church worked to adapt to the times and update our financial practices to meet these new challenges and realities. Now, there are as many ways of supporting your local church as there are reasons to give. For instance, you may wish to make a memorial gift in honor of a loved one who has passed, or you may be someone who is non-religious, yet supportive of our church's programs to help alleviate homelessness and addiction. Your support matters to us! Here are just a few of the less-obvious ways to partner with us in support of our mission and ministry: 

  • Corporate Matching Funds - We currently accept matching gifts from Intel and Nike. These go towards non-religious community outreach only! Check with your employer! 
  • Appreciated Stock Donations 
  • Annuity Trusts and Life Estates
  • Naming the Church in Your Will
  • Naming the Church as Beneficiary on a Life Insurance Policy or Retirement Account (IRA, 401k, Keogh, Pensions)
  • Donating Frequent Flyer Miles
  • You tell us!

For specific questions about ways to give to our congregation, contact our church office, and we will put you in touch with our Board of Finance representatives.

To find out more about the various avenues for Planned Giving, see these links and videos from the United Church of Christ and United Church Funds: