About Hillsboro First Congregational UCC

We are a diverse and accepting congregation. Each of us searches the Scriptures and our own conscience for the way God would have us live and believe. Our faith in Jesus Christ binds us together in unity of Spirit. In our diversity we find a sign of God's loving kindness. We choose to trust the integrity of each one's "walk of faith."

Many who attend First Congregational Church find they are allowed and encouraged to express a wider range of faith questions, answers and viewpoints than they have experienced in other churches. We pride ourselves on our theological latitude, yet find a very deep unity within our Christian faith and sincere attempt to live as the followers of Jesus.

We make decisions democratically, and leadership is shared by all who choose to offer theirs. We believe in being active within the community through service projects and through partnerships with other churches. In all that we do, we respect the integrity of each person who seeks to follow God in his or her own way.