Congregational Governance


Specific business of the church is conducted by several boards, listed below. Members of these boards are elected at the January meeting of the congregation. Everyone, members and visitors alike, is welcome to sit in on any board or committee meeting.

Board of Directors - Takes action on behalf of the congregation between all-church congregational meetings. The Board of Directors consists of the chairpersons of each of the following boards, plus church officers. The Board of Directors is led by the Moderator.

Board of Deacons - Worship, spirituality and pastoral care of the church.

Board of Christian Education - Education programs for all ages, infant to adult. Learn more about our programs for faith formation.

Board of Outreach and Mission - Projects of service to the community and world, in partnership with other faith communities. Learn more about our outreach and mission opportunities.

Board of Finance - Financial affairs of the church, such as budgets and fundraising,

Board of Building and Grounds - Repair and maintenance of the buildings, facilities and property of the church.

Board of Music - Coordination of music programs, music staff and all instruments. Learn more about our music programs.


In addition, many more committees exist to assist in the work of the congregation. Some of our current committees are listed below.

  • Budget Committee
  • Building Oversight Committee
  • Capital Campaign Committee
  • Family Care Ministry
  • Family Promise Coordinators
  • Fellowship Committee
  • SOS Shelter Coordinators
  • Stewardship Committee
  • Worship Committee