Doing the Right Thing

Recently the Obama administration announced that it will no longer enforce the Defense of Marriage Act (a congressional law which opposes same sex marriage).  This change in policy caused jubilation in some quarters and disappointment in others.   I am in the jubilant camp.  People I care about are in both camps. 

These are a few of my favorite things ...

First we had the Basement Brothers. (Their challenge?  Heat.  Their meeting place? The furnace room, of course.)

Then came the Plumbing Partners.  (Don't ask.)

The visionary Visit to Bethlehem Travel Group combined with the All-Costumes All-the-Time Work Team to create an intergenerational experience during Advent, and a whole set of new Pageant costumes.

Welcome To My West Coast, Mr. President

     It's always exciting to hear the President is coming to town.  President Obama will be in Hillsboro tomorrow as part of his journey to highlight all things educational, scientific and green/techie.  I will do my best to make the sun come out for him.  Help me out here, everyone.  Of course, we loyally proclaim our fondness for the rain, but really ... our little patch of the valley looks SO nice in the sunshine.

News and Reviews Rev. Diane Dulin

There is something both awesome and frightening about images coming out of Cairo, Egypt this week.  Thousands of citizens gather daily to demand a change of leadership, creating an inherently explosive situation.  Each day brings word of new participation.  Today the headline says two million have gathered to speak out.  Everyone seems to agree:  the goal is to end President Mubarak's thirty-year rule.

News and Reviews Pastor Diane Dulin

Friday night at Marylhurst University was Joe Gilliland's senior recital for his degree in Music Therapy.  What a grand night it was.  Approximately twenty-five church members were present within a large audience at the beautiful St. Anne's Chapel.  Joes' wife Junko was there, of course, and so were Joe's parents, Marcia and Steve, as well as sister Beth, and brother-in-law, Joe.

VIEWS & REVIEWS Pastor Diane Dulin

Writing a blog is a new and wonderful opportunity.  I will share thoughts and enthusiasms, book or movie reviews, travel adventures when I have them, plus general impressions, opinions or pontificating.

Well, you probably won't let me get away with much pontificating.

Carillon for November 2010

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