2020 Vision Capital Campaign

For 150 years we have been doing ministry. Housing the homeless, feeding the hungry, providing space for life changing recovery groups, preaching the good news of God's Love, ministering to the needs of a growing community.

Our building is in need of repair and restoration to make it the welcoming, safe and sustainable place for worship, education and service to our community and our world that we want it to be.

You are invited to join in this effort through your time, talent and financial support. Together we can answer God's call to be the church for today and tomorrow.

Check here for the latest updates and news as we turn this vision into reality.

Construction Timeline and Plans

April 7, 2018 - 11:22am

On 29-March, the committee met with the architect, Michelle, for the first review of construction documents.

On 10-April, the architect will visit for a site walk-thru with members of the Building Oversite Committee (BOC)

On 27-April, with plan drawings 90% complete, Michelle, members BOC and R&H Construction will review with better cost estimates.

On 2-May, the final plans should be approved by the building oversight committee (Jerry Baugh, chair).

On 8-May, the architect will submit plans for city permits.

Construction will take 3 months: 9-July to 9-October.

The general contractor won’t handle everything. We will subcontract elsewhere for asbestos abatement and to replace the sanctuary roofing material. Negotiations are under way to purchase a new Rogers organ, and sound system upgrades will include wireless signals to hearing aids.

Project under consideration to include in the contract:

  • The chancel back wall will include a smooth curved section with natural wood acoustical panels on each side. The chancel platform will not be lowered and there is little we can do to make it ADA accessible.
  • We will include ADA modifications where we can. The lift in the CE stairwell will be replaced with a new 3-level lift to enable access to the CE lower level (65K$). No bathroom changes are planned, but door handles will change from knobs to levers. The 5th street entrance will include a ramp and stair steps.
  • New windows in CE building will replace 3 out of each 5-window section and eliminate 40% of the windows to provide wall space for acoustic treatment and display space. The same treatment for north (courtyard) & south (parking lot) sides will provide symmetry. Fellowship hall plans do not include wood flooring (30K$) but will include a ceiling acoustic treatment – perhaps a coating on the beams.
  • We will retain existing windows in the CE stairwell, but add a tint to shade the area on hot summer mornings. The narthex will be carpeted. And we hope finances allow enclosing the breezeway with a new front door and a sliding glass door to the courtyard.

Plans are in flux and subject to change – so stay tuned!

Survey Results

April 6, 2018 - 9:52pm

During February we shared feedback in two focus group meetings and online in a surveymonkey questionnaire. The results were shared at the congregational meeting on March 4, and reflect an incredible diversity of thoughts and ideas. A few highlights are shown below:

The first question asked “How excited are you about this campaign?”, and 64 responses averaged 80%. The second question asked to rank the priority of 3 phases. More responses showed the sanctuary as top priority, CE building as second priority, and entry as third priority.

Question 3 (sanctuary projects) and question 4 (CE projects) are combined in the graph below. The projects are listed top to bottom in order of average preference (higher priority at top) and agreement (larger variation = more controversy at bottom).

The results were not entirely consistent. While question 2 favored the sanctuary building, questions 4 & 5 led with CE related projects (4 of the top 5). Lowering the chancel space had few supporters, and the organ replacement is polarized with both lovers and haters.

Thank you to all who participated. Your feedback is vital to our committee defining the scope of work to be included in the campaign.