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mazel tov !

     With yesterday's historic decision by the Supreme Court, it has now been established that federal law may not discriminate against same-sex couples whose marriages have been registered in any of the states which allow same-sex marriage.  Mazel tov!

     The decision is a good and long awaited ratification that all are equal to marry the one they love; families of gay couples are worthy of protection, respect and celebration; churches like ours who have been a bit ahead of the curve on this issue can now share the joy of our many members who are personally affected by this momentous change.  Mazel tov!

     I decided to look up the Hebrew term 'mazel tov' and found that literally it means "good luck."  However, its sense is not so much "hope things work out for you in the future" but rather "way to go and congratulations; you have much to celebrate." 

     That is truly the sense that I hold in my heart and mind as I say to all those who have risked so much and worked so hard to bring new understanding and affirmation for same-sex marriage.  Mazel tov!   Now, work remains to be done to guarantee marriage equality here in Oregon. 

     On that score I must still say, "Good luck."  Perhaps within the year this will change to "Mozel tov."  




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