Rev. Adam Hange, Pastor

Pastor Adam became our settled pastor on September 1, 2016. Pastor Adam Hange came to us from Shaker Heights, Ohio where he served as an Associate Minister for over six years. Adam graduated from Wheaton College Conservatory of Music in 2003 with a BA degree in Music Performance and from Ashland Theological Seminary in 2007 with a Masters of Divinity degree. He was ordained in January of 2011. Pastor Adam is a participant in the Next Generation Leadership Initiative (NGLI) program with the United Church of Christ. It is a program designed to guide the top 5% of young pastors through 10 years of pastoral leadership. Pastor Adam will "graduate" in 2025.


Lynnette Trabosh, Director of Christian Education

Lynnette has served as Director of Christian Education for many years. Under her leadership our Sunday School has grown significantly and our ministry with youth has become a vital and essential part of church life. Lynnette works with parents and families to design programs and experiences which allow children to grow in faith and in worship. In her free time she enjoys sharing life with her husband and two young children, and always provides a spark of fun and humor in church gatherings.


Music Staff


Leslie Wagner, Director of Music

Leslie coordinates all music programs of the church. She facilitates our effort to use music to support and deepen our services of worship. Along with these responsibilities she serves as Co-Choir Director, sharing this position with Kristine Peterson. Leslie is a trained musician and works patiently to help us become involved in music, whether through our choirs or via special ensemble performances.


Kristine Peterson, Co-Choir Director

Kristine is a retired public school music teacher and shares with Leslie the Directorship of the Covenant Choir. The choir sings three Sundays per month, September – June, and rehearses on Wednesday evenings as well as prior to services. Those who sing under Kristine’s leadership often express gratitude for the beauty of tone and spirit which she elicits. We frequently remark, “It’s amazing how our small choir (15-20 members) provides such outstanding sound!”


Nathaniel Coleman, Organist

Nathaniel is a trained musician with music degrees from Fisk University, University of Colorado and University of Hartford and experience on the faculty of Xavier University of New Orleans. He performs on both piano and organ during Sunday morning worship. Nathaniel’s musical skill spans genres of classical sacred music, gospel hymns, leadership in accompaniment of congregational singing, jazz, and praise music.

Nathaniel’s quiet poise is complemented by a friendly smile and readiness to rehearse with church members who enjoy preparing choral or instrumental ensemble music.


Carolyn Snyder, Bell Choir Director

Carolyn (Coi) has been Celestial Ringers Director for over thirty years. Over those years she has trained many people of all ages in performance of bell choir music. Under her leadership, the bell choir performs in worship approximately once each month, September – June.

Coi’s musicianship and friendly approach turn neophytes into performers. Whether performing from the balcony or the chancel, the Celestial Ringers enhance the worship of our church. Especially on Christmas Eve and Easter morning, it just wouldn’t be the same without the bells.


Children's Music Staff


Junko Gilliland, Sunday School Singing Leader

Ellen Green, Joy Chimes and Praise Ringers (children's chimes and bells)

Both Junko and Ellen have degrees in music and Ellen is an ordained UCC minister. Each one brings great skill and enthusiasm both to music and to children. The children enjoy singing and playing under their leadership.


Administrative and Custodial Staff


Laura Beeler, Church Administrator

Perry Beeler, Custodian

Cooper Beeler, Assistant Custodian

Laura, Perry and Cooper work part time to keep our office open, our buildings well used by members and community groups, and our facilities maintained, repaired and clean. Each one brings a cheerful helpfulness in facilitating the programs, projects, ministries and hospitality of our congregation.